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Join friends and veteran seven figure sellers Kellianne and Paul as they pave the way for Amazon sellers to intentionally grow and exit their business through a network of trusted advisors and exit professionals…all with your bext exit in mind!



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Our Mission

With over 10 years of combined experience in e-commerce and selling on Amazon, Paul & Kellianne know what it takes to help you succeed and create a highly valuable business you can sell!

We are YOUR trusted advocate, helping you strategize and come up with an exit game plan that’s best for YOU!

We have curated a vetted “dream team” of experts to make sure you’ll get the best results possible and maximize the value of your business.

Kellianne and Paul

POdcast Episodes

Christian Verhoeven

0060: Amazing Exit With Christian Verhoeven

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller sits down with Christian Verhoeven, entrepreneur and consultant, to discuss selling and exiting an Amazon business. Listen as Christian talks about his transition into an entrepreneurial role, the importance of optimizing your operating procedures and tracking stability payments, and the process of working with an aggregator. Stay tuned!

Chris Shipferling

0059: Post-Prosper Round-Up With Chris Shipferling

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller sits down with Chris Shipferling, Managing Partner at Global Wired Advisors, to discuss observations, trends, and strategies from the Prosper Show. Chris talks about the shift in agenda from previous Prosper Show years, why brand owners are focusing their resources on product innovation, and the effects of current events in terms of growing and exiting your brand.

Paul Miller

0058: Prosper Show Preview & Events

Join Paul Miller in this episode of Amazing Exits as he details the activities, events, and highlights from the Prosper Show. Paul talks about the leaders and speakers attending the event, how an exhibit area is a networking tool, and the opportunity to connect with him.

Taliesen Hollywood

0057: The Truth About Valuations With Taliesen Hollywood

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller sits down with Taliesen Hollywood, Director of Hahnbeck, to discuss a clearer understanding of the aggregator market regarding valuations. Taliesen talks about his reasoning for writing his article, the different ways multiples can be described and utilized, and the reasons why brands do not sell.

Zack Leonard

0056: Creating Value With Proprietary Products With Zack Leonard

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller sits down with Zack Leonard, COO, President, and Co-founder of Gembah, to discuss the different aspects of building a successful brand for your greatest exit. Zack talks about innovative marketing and design strategies, the importance of examining all the components of product development, and reaching your revenue goals through product development. Stay tuned!

Richard Turnbull

0055: Seven Figure Health and Wellness Exit With Richard Turnbull

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller sits down with Richard Turnbull, CEO and Founder of The Restored, to discuss what makes the most significant difference in your financial profit after a sale. Richard shares his experience selling his brand to an aggregator, the importance of due diligence, and some of the most common questions other sellers have asked him.

0054: Amazon Aggregators Research Report With Global Wired Advisors

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller is joined by Joe Hogg, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Global Wired Advisors, and Robert Salmon, Head of Research at Global Wired Advisors, to discuss how Amazon aggregators are shaping the digital consumer space. Together, they share how the number of aggregators in a space can increase value, how the pandemic accelerated growth in the capital marketplace, and how consolidation and capital reallocation lead to change. Stay tuned!

John VanDerMeulen

0053: Exiting a Lifestyle Brand with John VanDerMeulen

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller is joined by John VanDerMeulen, Founder of VDM Partners LLC, to discuss important strategies for Amazon FBA sellers to scale and take control of their brand in the Amazon marketplace. John talks about his entrepreneurial journey as an Amazon seller, listing optimization through SEO marketing, and bringing integrity and honesty to help other brand owners achieve their greatest exit.

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