Josh Robbins

Josh Robbins specializes in business development and growth, and he is the Managing Partner at Premara Group. He has an established record of managing company finances and operations and orchestrating sales and marketing processes. Josh is also a Cornell University graduate and has worked for companies including Amazon and RAGS, where he focused on customer experience.

Colin Kent

Accomplished strategy and sales leader Colin Kent, Founder and CEO of Premara Group, has a track record of success in multiple industries. His previous roles include sales management for Oracle and Domo. Colin is constantly finding ways to streamline processes and help customers meet strategic objectives.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Colin Kent dives into his background of selling e-commerce businesses
  • Josh Robbins talks about his time with Amazon and previous work experience
  • Josh and Colin discuss Premara Group and how they’re more hands-on than a traditional broker
  • How to put the element of risk in a little box
  • Taking the criteria the buyer wants and playing matchmaker to fit those criteria
  • Tips for maximizing your outcome and selling on the upswing
  • Colin discusses aggregators and navigating the landscape of who you’re going into business with 
  • Defining strategic buyers vs. financial buyers

In this episode…

Knowing when to sell can be a difficult decision. It is an important decision, so finding a company that understands the nuances of buying and selling a business is vital.

Josh Robbins and Colin Kent know how difficult it is to start or grow a business. They noticed a gap in the mergers and acquisitions industry and made it their mission to help business owners maximize their outcome during a liquidity event. Together they have a combined 25+ years of experience running all sizes of businesses and have a proven track record of helping mid-tier e-commerce and SaaS companies prepare for — and achieve — the optimal exit.

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Josh Robbins, Managing Partner, and Colin Kent, Founder and CEO of Premara Group, talk to Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller about their matchmaking service for buying or selling a business. They go into how they’re more than a traditional broker by working with clients to provide an optimal outcome. Become a part of their experience today and learn from their merger and acquisitions tips.

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