This article is incredibly valuable for anyone who is hoping to make an Amazing Exit one day. Read through it and get in touch with us to share what you are doing to improve the transferability of your Amazon business.

No matter how valuable your Amazon business is, if it isn’t transferable, you can never sell it to a new owner. And while not everyone starts a business to sell it to a new owner, later on, selling is a nice option to have. The ease with which a business could be run by someone other than its current owner or team is determined by its transferability. Would it be an easy operation or a disaster if someone new took over tomorrow?

The more transferable a business is, the more valuable it is to a potential buyer. So here are five key ways to improve the transferability of your Amazon business and increase your chances of profitable sales one day.


Consider a guacamole company that relied on a “secret recipe” known only to the owner, who kept it locked up in a safe only they knew the key to, only to die tragically without passing the recipe on.

Even if this company made millions of dollars per year, it would have no transferable value because it relies on the owner. You may not be dealing with such a dire situation, but you should still make a concerted effort to disseminate your knowledge to your employees and keep everything in writing.

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