This article shares fantastic takeaways from friend of the show Joe Valley. In it, he gives you concrete tools for preparing to sell your business. I encourage anyone who is preparing for an exit to read it and follow the steps Joe lays out.

With the right foresight and planning, a successful exit is possible for businesses of all shapes and size. But it’s not just about selling, it’s about selling at the price you want. Becoming aware of what makes a business saleable and what knocks dollars off the asking price can be the difference between you sailing off into the sunset and having regrets later down the line.

Joe Valley is a partner at Quiet Light, a leading mergers and acquisitions advisory firm, where Valley has helped facilitate over a billion dollars’ worth of exits. Since building, buying, and selling six companies of his own, including one through Quiet Light, Valley has mentored thousands of online entrepreneurs hopeful for an exit. Valley’s book, The Exitpreneur’s Playbook, helps online business owners get the maximum value and best deal structure when they seek their own exit.

I interviewed Valley about the five steps to take to maximize your business value upon sale.

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