A big part of making an amazing exit is preparing for the exit – and a lot of these preparatory actions make it easier to run your business! Read this article from Ecom Brokers to find out what Ben did to make his life easier while running his brand – and how that made the sale so much easier.

Want to create an automated, scalable and sellable business? Read on.

Pretty early on in my entrepreneurial journey, I was a one-man operation. I started Beast Gear in 2016, on my laptop, in a cupboard. In 2018, my business took off. Each month, sales doubled and it was both fascinating and nerve-racking.

I recall being concerned about our inventory and being out of stock. I despised the 16-hour days, crying out to seller support at 3 in the morning to report an issue.

I knew that if I wanted to do this successfully, I needed to make some changes. As a result, I committed to my vision of creating an automated, scalable and sellable business. I worked hard to make this dream a reality. I organised my company and assembled a team to carry it out.

After a few years, I had an unexpected opportunity for a sale.

Fortunately, I was ready.

My efforts paid off with a million-dollar exit. Today, I want to share that system with you.

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