Earlier this year, the Amazing Exits team had a fascinating discussion with Bradley Sutton of Helium 10. This SaaS solution for Amazon sellers has so much functionality that Kellianne and Paul wanted to do a deep dive into it with Helium 10’s Director of Traning. 

We are lucky they had this talk because Helium 10 has brought out additional functionality that the team wasn’t aware of until Bradley shared it with them. Here are some of the highlights of their conversation:

Keyword Tracking with Helium 10

This software has in-depth keyword tracking and keyword performance tools. While keyword tracking is a basic function and allows you to view the market, the team discussed one way to utilize keyword tracking that you may not have considered. That is, as a way to view market share.

Helium 10 keyword tracking allows you to see competitors coming into your niche that you don’t know about. By focusing on your IP information, you can view any infringement that may be occurring and see who is doing a better job at keyword use than you. Additionally, the keyword tracking in Helium 10 will show you your market share percentage so that you can make an informed decision.

This information is vital to preparing for an exit because viewing market share will show a potential buyer how much you have done to optimize and capture more of the market. It also shows those big-budget aggregators what additional market share they could capture by purchasing your brand and adding some more capital into the mix.

The New PPC Tool

Helium 10 recently added a PPC tool that provides an algorithmic way for you to reach your advertising goals. This tool was built upon customer feedback and advice – and Paul of Amazing Exits contributed to its overall functionality with one of his suggestions!

Paul told the team that he’d like to see the top 50-100 ASINs for keywords and then put them into a product marketing campaign. This feature was added, and a huge company told Bradley that this feature alone added hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sales to their brand.

There is much more to this PPC tool, but the above is an example of how a small change to PPC can make a massive difference to your business profitability, improving income now and increasing the likelihood of an amazing exit.

Profits with Helium 10

Another new feature is called “Profits.” If you’ve ever been to an Amazon seller’s conference, you know that people often share their gross sales – not their profits. But, at the end of the day, it is the profits that truly count. This is both the case in your day-to-day business management and in the case of an exit. If you aren’t tracking profits and you are trying to sell your company, you may be shocked to discover that your business is barely breaking even.

Helium 10 has a tool to help you track profits, expenses, and inventory. These all work together to allow you to manage inventory on a granular level. You can calculate which products are selling at the highest profit – and ensure those products stay in stock. 

If you are planning an exit, you know that buyers want to understand inventory and profitability before they purchase your brand. This Helium 10 feature allows you to keep all of that information in one place.

Product Research Tools

Adding new products to your business adds value – and assuring profitability before you order your first item will also increase brand saleability if you don’t have the inventory listed for sale before selling your brand.

Helium 10’s product research tools allow you to do in-depth product research before ordering a niche item. The newest feature lets you do a deep-dive into the top 10 organic results on page 1 of any keyword. You can apply filters like how many sales a product is making, the number of reviews, the quality of reviews, and more. All of this information provides you with the opportunity to capture a market that is seeking something that has not already flooded the Amazon top ten list with quality products.

Understanding product opportunities can help you fill your product pipeline with products that will fly off the shelf. As we mentioned in a previous article, having an established product pipeline with the research to back it up is an excellent selling point to aggregators – and is an opportunity for you to build profits while planning your Amazing Exit.

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