Establishing an effective marketing strategy is vital to improving the value of your brand. If you’re planning to an eventual exit from your eCommerce company, this article is an interesting read.

As business models reformulate in double-quick time, eCommerce is having evolutionary effects on the creation and discoverability of consumer goods, from the “push” mentality and limited SKUs of the not-too-distant past to the unlimited assortments found on eCommerce sites.

Despite its omnipresence, some think direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands have potential beyond major eCommerce sites they started out on — and it’s untapped to a surprising extent.

In a recent conversation with Karen Webster, Boosted Commerce co-founder Charlie Chanaratsopon, known for creating the Charming Charlie apparel and accessories brand, spoke of Boosted’s mission to “build a consumer products platform from tomorrow” by borrowing the muscle of major marketplaces — chiefly Amazon and Shopify — to empower a new generation of entrepreneurial product developers to scale even further with an omnichannel approach.

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