This press release provides a brief glimpse into one of the businesses that provide support services for Thrasio. As we consider aggregator growth, it’s also vital to look at what other companies are helping that growth happen – and understand how they contribute to the overall surge in FBA acquisition.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2022 / AMZ-AllStars is a Philippines based business poised to come out on top of the FBA Acquisition gold rush that is currently sweeping the business and tech industry. As a company that provides customer service, brand management, and finance services to Thrasio, the top aggregator in the Amazon FBA business, AMZ-AllStars supports brands in the Amazon community providing mentorship and guidance.

“FBA acquisitions are absolutely booming right now-investors are loving the opportunity and are putting their money into aggregators such as Thrasio who are acquiring FBA businesses,” says AMZ-AllStars founder Erick Rodriguez. “With over 9.5 billion sellers annually, there is a huge pool of opportunity in the FBA business space, and aggregators will only continue to play a more and more important role.”

With extensive experience running eCommerce businesses, Rodriguez founded AMZ-AllStars in 2019 and has been recognized as the top provider of services for aggregators ever since. Growing from the ground to a nearly 300-person team in under three years, the startup has achieved many accolades including being listed as a great workplace in the Philippines.

“We are seeing more demand than ever in the FBA world, and we distinguish ourselves through excellent personnel who are empowered to take on any role and succeed.”

Backing and servicing aggregators like Thrasio positions AMZ-AllStars for long term success, as Thrasio has become the largest aggregator in the world, bringing with it nearly $3.4 billion of funding. “This space has exceptional expansions potential, with more and more aggregators forming, and their role becoming more integral to the eCommerce supply chain. We don’t see this as a fad that will be coming to an end anytime soon.”

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