This fascinating article takes a look at metrics revealed by Thrasio. One of the main metrics is how many UK-based Amazon sellers are making a million pounds or more a year. As we look at the niche businesses run by UK sellers, it’s interesting to see how FBA plays a role in the growth of these businesses – and what a potential exit looks like for these company owners.

An analysis of UK-based Amazon sellers by online consumer goods company Thrasio has revealed that there could be 2,795 UK-based sellers turning over at least £83,334 per month on the platform which translates to more than a million pounds per year.

The categories most likely to have million-pound sellers include grocery (667 sellers), beauty (533), home & kitchen (370), pet supplies (279) and electronics & photo (256). PC & video games (1), jewellery (1), watches (2), shoes & bags (3) and lighting (3) were the categories least likely to have sellers turning over more than a million pounds a year.

The data also reveals the surprising ways that sellers can create thriving online offerings. 31 million-plus sellers focus on dog biscuits and snacks, 20 offer chocolate boxes and gifts, and 18 primarily sell face serums.

Amazon’s platform provides sellers with a number of routes to grow their business, and they can take advantage of its fulfillment network (FBA) to rapidly scale their logistics in line with demand. Thrasio’s research suggests that million-pound sellers are leveraging FBA for at least 32% of sales.

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