Dimitri Vorona

Dimitri Vorona is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in the world of e-commerce. He is currently the CEO of Prime Tech Partners, which works to ensure the success of start-ups through their life cycle of growth. Dimitri is also the Founder of Hoster, a company that provides web development and web hosting services to small and mid-size companies. Outside of his businesses, he also works as an advisor and speaker, sharing his experience with newer companies. In 2020, he sold his business, Pet Devices, to Elevate Brands.

Jeremy Bell

The Chief M&A Officer of Elevate Brands is Jeremy Bell, who helped secure the acquisition of Pet Devices. His company excels in buying Amazon brands and bringing them to their fullest potential. Before his time at Elevate Brands, Jeremy worked as the Commercial Director at Steller and the Manager of Corporate Development at Telstra Global.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jeremy Bell explains the history of Elevate Brands and how they’ve grown
  • How Dimitri Vorona went from working for the Department of Defense to finding success on Amazon
  • Dimitri’s story behind selling his company, Pet Devices, to Elevate Brands
  • What got Jeremy interested in Pet Devices?
  • Why Dimitri chose Elevate Brands out of 10 different offers
  • What makes Elevate Brands stand out in the marketplace?
  • The benefit of including owners in future growth after they sell
  • Should you use a broker when selling your business?

In this episode…

While starting a business can be difficult, it can be even harder to sell it. Entrusting your hard work to a buyer can either grow the company in new ways or drive it into the ground. Some owners remain involved in their businesses, but the control is firmly in the hands of the buyers. Because of this, choosing the right buyer is crucial.

For Dimitri Vorona, being a serial entrepreneur has given him experience with this process. He has sold multiple companies including his brand, Pet Devices. With 10 offers on the table, he ultimately went with Elevate Brands, orchestrated by their Chief M&A Officer Jeremy Bell. Want to know the process behind these e-commerce acquisitions?

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller is joined by Dimitri Vorona, Founder of Pet Devices, and Jeremy Bell, Chief M&A Officer of Elevate Brands, to discuss the purchase of Pet Devices. They go over what distinguishes Elevate Brands in the Amazon marketplace, how Dimitri used a broker, and the background of both their companies. Dimitri also explains why he went with Elevate Brands over a more lucrative offer. Tune in to discover the best ways to find a buyer and sell your business.

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