Once upon a time, I was told that if I was going to be an entrepreneur, I had to make the most of my business.

Throughout the years, I feel as though I did that. I created, launched and scaled it up.

But what I later learned is that making the most of your business also includes properly preparing an exit plan. If you don’t properly prepare an exit plan, you run the risk of undoing all your hard work by a) selling your business to someone unsuitable who isn’t going to treat it as well as you did and b) selling it for way less than it’s worth.

And b) is a real killer. You’ve worked tirelessly on your business over the years, you’ve sweated blood, you’ve had sleepless nights over it, you’ve cried actual tears, you’ve celebrated huge wins … and yet here you are, with nothing to show for it because you didn’t prepare a business exit.

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