Intentional Growth™ Course

Grow the value of your company with an end in mind by
using the 5 Principles

Shift Your Mindset

Shift your mindset away from just top line revenue and annual income to long term value creation.

Grow Value

Grow the value of your business by increasing EBITDA, increasing your multiple and paying down debt

Create Options

Increase the chances you get what you want from your business by owning a valuable business that has sustainable, predictable and transferable cash flow.

Knowledge is Power

The 5 Intentional Growth™ Principles

The 5 Principles packages up in one place what you need to learn in order to grow the value of your business with an end in mind. No more wasted time and money implementing the wrong strategies, working with the wrong advisors or making the wrong decisions. Invest in your education so you can gain clarity on what is important and control the plan that leads to more choices.

3 Reason You Should Signup

Whether you want to acquire, sell or just grow a valuable business, you'll learn what you need to know about business valuations, deal structures and how to calculate net proceeds.

Learn how to create a strategic plan that identifies where you should invest your time, energy and money in your business, and how to align it with a target EBITDA and valuation.

Learn about the major exit options and types of buyers so you can be ready to exit whenever you are ready.

Supporting Exercises & Resources (included)

Intentional Growth™ Assessment, Value Growth Exercise and More

The course comes with supporting exercises that you can fill out on your own while you go through the videos. Here are just a few: Intentional Growth™ Assessment, Vision Wheel, Financial Targets Template, Normalized EBITDA, Value Growth Exercise plus many more!


Kellianne founded and scaled her own e-commerce brand and then had a successful 7 figure exit. She is passionate about helping brands owners identify and maximize profit opportunities in their Amazon business, optimizing their operations, and developing a solid exit strategy.

Kellianne Fedio


Paul is a lifelong entrepreneur who founded and scaled a multi-million dollar e-commerce brand. He is planning for his own successful exit and excited to share his journey.

He is passionate about empowering Amazon entrepreneurs with the best resources and support to create a sellable business and achieve their ideal exit.

Paul Miller


Ryan Tansom is the President and Co-Founder of Arkona, a company that partners with entrepreneurs to provide value growth education. After selling his family’s company for eight figures in 2014, Ryan wanted to use the ups and downs of his exit experience to help other entrepreneurs grow and sell their businesses.

In addition to his role at Arkona, Ryan is also a popular keynote speaker, soon-to-be published author, and host for the podcast Life Intentional Growth.

Ryan Tansom

Arkona Co-Founder


Pat began his career at EY before launching his own outsourced CFO services company where he advises 15+ companies. One of his clients continued to grow so he joined the company full time for over 20 years where he helped accelerate the growth, do acquisitions and eventually sell it to the employees via an ESOP. Two and a half years later, he led the sale of the company to a PE firm – with tremendous benefit to the employees. Since then, Pat helped Co-Found Arkona to help change how owners grow and exit their businesses.

Pat Hobby

Arkona Co-Founder

Pricing Options

Go through the course at your own pace, or hire us to guide you though it in 30 days over four 60-minute calls.


Intentional Growth™ Digital Course


Intentional Growth™ Digital Course + Virtual Accelerator (Group Coaching)


Intentional Growth™ Digital Course + Coaching (Four 60-Minute Calls)