Selling your business and attaining the ideal exit is not always the same thing. If you miss one of the below steps, your exit will likely be less than ideal. Be sure to read this article from Ecom Brokers before completing any sale.

Is Your eCommerce Business for Sale? The 3 Stages Of Managing Offers

Selling an eCommerce business should be handled with caution.

Also, you don’t want your competitors to market your selling position to everyone, including your customers.

This can derail your sales and cause a slew of trust issues for new customers.

On the contrary, you don’t want anyone approaching you with offers. You want to ensure that the right buyer finds you: the one who will value your customers, your brand, and your valuation.

Ecom Brokers works tirelessly to ensure you have the best offers from the best buyers on the table. If you’re thinking about selling your company, make sure to schedule a free consultation with our expert advisors.

What happens after you’ve found the ideal buyer? That is what we will go over in this post. Here are the three stages of managing new offers.

Managing Purchase Offers for Your Company

We’ve already stated that selling your business will be similar to selling a house.

Except that when selling a house, you list your property to anyone in the world, whereas when selling a business, you want to market it to the most appropriate audience.

Stage 1—The Initial Offers

Once your e-commerce business is available for sale, a few interested parties will contact you.

Some buyers will approach you directly, while others will make their offers through your facilitators (such as Ecom Brokers).

It is important that you receive the first offers and carefully review them.

We are confident that you will not sell or buy a house without having someone you trust to handle the transaction, so we strongly advise you to find a suitable partner to assist you in selling your business.

Rarely are the first offers the final offers.

Lower valuations, deal breakers, or objections from companies or people you don’t want to sell to can all be included.

You must be patient and maintain a poker face to progress to stage 2.

Stage 2—Negotiation

All offers that end up on your table are negotiable.

Those that don’t matter or are too good to be true.

(Of course, there are exceptions.)

The negotiation consists of making a counter-offer.

The first offers are seldom what you want or believe your business is worth.

Handling negotiations is a delicate process. There are egos at work, and you should be aware that the person on the other end of the table may not understand what you’re saying.

For example, you’re aware of the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve poured into your company, as well as the relationships you’ve built with your employees.

However, your buyer does not yet have a close relationship with your company.

We strongly advise you and your facilitator to do research on the buyer, its history with other companies, and anything valuable for the negotiating process.

Keep in mind that a person just like you is on the other side of the transaction. Your challenge is to persuade that person of the importance of your company.

Stage 3—Accepting the Offer

The acceptance stage begins if the negotiation is successful for both parties.

When word gets out that you’re closing with a buyer, it’s common for new offers to flood in. Discuss the latest offers with your facilitator and decide what to do next if this occurs.

However, even if nothing happens, most of the heavy lifting has been completed. It’s finally time to get started on the paperwork!

This is still another stage where having a facilitator will be highly beneficial!

Ecom Brokers has gone through buying and selling eCommerce businesses and understands how long it takes to have all the necessary paperwork. It can be draining.

After completing all paperwork, the exit strategy is in place. The smoother the process is for all employees and customers, the easier the handover is.

This is also the stage where you move on, which can be an emotional experience.

However, keep in mind that the buyer is now just as interested in making this business work even better than you are.

Always have someone advising you along the way. It may be tempting to do everything yourself (trust us, we thought the same thing), but talk to one or two facilitators first.

If you don’t believe a buyer is right, the best answer is “No.” Unless you’re selling to get out of a jam (in which case, you should have someone like Ecom Brokers on your side!), you have time on your side, and you should not allow your valuation to fall because someone wants it to. Not even if Bill Gates is your buyer! Stick to your valuation if it is reasonable.

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