Joe Hogg is the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Global Wired Advisors. He is also the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Providium Group LLC, and the CEO and Founder of J. Ryland Capital Advisors. Prior to these roles, Joe was the Global Head of Funding for Wells Fargo’s trading and investment banking division, Wells Fargo Securities, and was the Managing Director of the Structured Finance division at Deutsche Bank.

Robert Salmon

Robert Salmon is the Head of Research at Global Wired Advisors. Prior to working at the firm, Robert was the Senior Vice President at Wolfe Research, LLC, and an Associate Analyst for an automotive team at Deutsche Bank Securities. He has experience analyzing transportation companies such as Amazon Logistics, UPS, FedEx, the USPS, trucking companies (TL and LTL), 3PLs, as well as the broader economy.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Joe Hogg and Robert Salmon talk about their target audience and aggregator space of their research report 
  • How the value increase translates to the number of aggregators purchasing brands
  • Why publicly traded companies earn a higher value during acquisition
  • Joe examines trends and growth prospects due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • An in-depth look at how the aggregator’s decision can impact your exit and stability payment
  • Why you should be focused on building revenue and value
  • Robert shares how buying and consolidating the right brand leads to the success of aggregators in their niche
  • What trends can you expect for e-commerce growth in 2022?

In this episode…

Are you a brand owner looking to invest in the capital marketplace or an aggregator? What steps can your brand take to boost performance in the marketplace and appeal to a broader aggregator audience?

Online sales growth has continued to rise, and the pandemic only accelerated this growth as consumers gravitate towards the convenience of delivered goods. Joe Hogg and Robert Salmon compiled a focus report to detail Amazon aggregators’ risk and return features and their role in the acquisition, building value, and increasing interest in the brand space. They are here to share key insights with you. 

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller is joined by Joe Hogg, Managing Partner and Co-founder of Global Wired Advisors, and Robert Salmon, Head of Research at Global Wired Advisors, to discuss how Amazon aggregators are shaping the digital consumer space. Together, they share how the number of aggregators in a space can increase value, how the pandemic accelerated growth in the capital marketplace, and how consolidation and capital reallocation lead to change. Stay tuned!

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