Joe Zalta

Joe Zalta is the Co-Founder and President of Business Development at Riverbend Consulting, a market leader in Amazon compliance and risk management. Riverbend Consulting helps Amazon sellers navigate the turbulent world of Amazon reinstatements in order to make way for new sales opportunities, profitable account management, and groundbreaking deals.

Joe is also a Partner and the Chief Marketing Officer at E & J Sales and Marketing LLC, a leading Amazon marketing agency that partners with national brands to represent them on third-party marketplaces.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Joe Zalta talks about creating Riverbend Consulting, a one-stop-shop for frustrated Amazon sellers
  • Joe reveals the most common compliance and suspension issues that Amazon sellers are facing 
  • How Riverbend Consulting helps aggregators analyze brands and products before buying 
  • Joe’s strategies for identifying fake reviews and review manipulation 
  • Should you provide deep discounts and promotions for your Amazon store?
  • Paul and Joe reveal what sellers can do to ensure a smooth due diligence process
  • Kellianne and Joe talk about their experiences with Amazon Brand Registry
  • Riverbend Consulting’s educational programs and trusted communities of Amazon sellers

In this episode…

Are you looking for expert tips and tricks that will help you strengthen your brand today? Do you want to achieve a smooth—and profitable—exit from your Amazon store? If so, this episode of Amazing Exits is for you!

According to Joe Zalta, an Amazon and e-commerce expert, one of the most important things you can do before selling your brand is this: be proactive. Anticipating common issues and seeking effective solutions is a vital part of the exit planning process; however, many sellers just don’t know where to start. With years of expertise in the industry, Joe shares how he helps Amazon sellers manage the minute details of their businesses to ensure the most successful and lucrative exit possible. Want to learn more?

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller sit down with Joe Zalta, Co-Founder and President of Business Development at Riverbend Consulting, to discuss Amazon account health management. Listen in as Joe identifies the common issues that hurt Amazon sellers, reveals the secret to identifying fake reviews, and explains how you can work to ensure a smooth due diligence process. Stay tuned for more!

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