Josh Dittrich is an author, entrepreneur, investor, and Amazon FBA Investor. He is the Founder and VP of BizDev at Branded Seller, an organization that builds low-cost, high-quality content for your Amazon exit. Josh is the Co-founder of BizDev for PlanTell and Cashability and the Co-founder of Bright Ventures. He was the Company Owner for Stakkers and Sniper’s Edge Hockey and previously worked for US Water Filters and Best Buy before making his eight-figure Amazon exit.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Josh Dittrich talks about how he got started in e-commerce and launched his brand
  • How Josh optimized the products of his brand and scaled the market
  • Why working with an aggregator can help you have a greater exit
  • An in-depth look at negotiating and presenting your brand to sell
  • Josh discusses key elements and definitions of a deal structure
  • What is operator expense and how does that translate to your seller discretionary earnings?
  • Strategy session: how to properly manage your seller account
  • Why is it important to track your inventory?

In this episode…

How can you leverage your brand to increase value and achieve your highest exit? Is it possible to triple or quadruple your performance payment after an exit?

Josh Dittrich is an entrepreneur that sold two Amazon businesses for eight figures — and he’s sharing his advice to help you navigate the waters of exiting your business. He has experienced many transactions throughout his career and knows the important steps to scale and grow your brand for a successful exit.

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller sits down with Josh Dittrich, entrepreneur and Amazon Exit Advisor, to talk about how to properly structure your exit with an aggregator for your maximum exit. Josh talks about working with an aggregator for a clean transition, the importance of understanding performance and stability payments, and how to negotiate and structure your dream deal.

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