Karyn Thomas

Karyn Thomas is an Amazon and E-Commerce Conversion Expert. Karyn is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Private Label Profit, a done-for-you company that helps Amazon sellers maximize profits while minimizing effort. Karyn is also a Brand Evangelist and Customer Advocate at Helium 10, a software company that empowers Amazon entrepreneurs with a state-of-the-art software suite.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Kellianne and Karyn anticipate meeting for the first time
  • Karyn talks about her background in customer service, marketing, and Amazon entrepreneurship
  • How Karyn and her ex-husband are managing their current Amazon and Shopify stores
  • Karyn discusses founding her company, Private Label Profit
  • How Karyn became an expert in Amazon optimization
  • Maximizing the why
  • Do you have to build a brand to be successful on Amazon?
  • Karyn reveals practical tips for Amazon optimization
  • Is video advertising worth the investment?
  • Karyn discusses working with Helium 10

In this episode…

Are you trying to find new and innovative ways to make your Amazon brand stand out? You’re not alone! Today’s Amazing Exits guest, Karyn Thomas, knows how difficult—yet, important—brand building can be for your business. With almost 7 years of experience as an Amazon entrepreneur and business coach, Karyn is here today to share how she co-founded Private Label Profit, why Amazon optimization matters, and how to find your “why” as an Amazon seller.

If you are looking to learn valuable Amazon optimization tips and tricks to gain customer attention and increase sales, listen in as Kellianne Fedio, host of the Amazing Exits podcast, sits down with Karyn Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of Private Label Profit. Today, Karyn shares how to make the most of your business by maximizing your “why” and becoming a pro at advertising. You don’t want to miss her practical and effective solutions to your marketing, design, and optimization questions! Stay tuned.

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