Norm Farrar

Norm Farrar is the CEO of prREACH, President of Honu Worldwide, President of AMZclub, and Co-Founder of AMZ and Beyond. He’s also the host of the I Know This Guy… podcast!

As an entrepreneur, coach, and mentor, Norm wants to help others recognize and achieve their greatest potential so they can experience the most important thing: a life worth living.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Kellianne and Norm discuss COVID-19’s impact on Q4
  • Norm talks about inventory strategy
  • How to negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers
  • Is silence an effective form of negotiation?
  • Norm explains the start of his entrepreneurial career
  • Norm talks about his full brand management agency, AMZclub
  • The importance of creating a functional, professional website for your brand
  • How does AMZclub work with new clients to build lucrative brands?
  • Amazon Live and how it can help your brand
  • Strategies for determining what to prioritize in your business and eliminating burnout
  • What is the difference between a press release company and a public relations company?
  • Norm discusses how he helps sellers develop a transferable company
  • The importance of pace and resilience while building your business

In this episode…

Are you trying to figure out how to build a successful, attractive, and professional brand for your business? As a successful long-time entrepreneur, Norm Farrar knows the frustrating ups and downs involved in brand building. That’s why Norm and his team at AMZclub help entrepreneurs through the process of building a profitable and sellable brand!

If you need accessible tips and tricks for establishing the perfect brand, this episode of the Amazing Exits podcast with Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller is for you. Today, Kellianne and Paul sit down with Norm Farrar to discuss inventory strategy and negotiation, the importance of high-quality websites, how to develop a sellable business, and more. Listen to learn how to make the most of your business as you plan your own amazing exit!

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