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Prosper Show and its affiliated educational offerings are developed in consultation with advisory council members. Council members are selected for their thought leadership and their proven commitment to meeting the educational needs of Amazon sellers. Prosper is grateful for the guidance and support of the following marketplace leaders in the development of Prosper Show:

We recently sat down with our high-profile advisory council to hold a Q&A session on all topics related to Prosper Show and Amazon. Learn what to expect, including the benefits of attending this year’s show from top Amazon sellers and industry leaders! Check out the Q&A session below:


Q1: What is the greatest benefit of attending Prosper Show?

Jeremy: Prosper is a real show with real people who all talk the language of an Amazon seller. From the people you meet to the talks that you attend, you’ll be in an environment that will help you get your Amazon business to where you want it to be.


Q2: What are you most looking forward at Prosper Show 2022?

Jason: I’ve developed several long term relationships with folks I’ve met at Prosper over the years, and I’m really looking forward to catching up with many of them at this year’s show. I’m also looking forward to hearing the latest news and tactics from some of the most trusted folks in the space.


Q3: What seller needs will be addressed at this year’s Prosper?

Alon: Elevate Your Brand Using Tik Tok to Build Connections With and Among Your Customers. We want to learn more about social media.


Jason: Walmart is becoming a more viable marketplace and I’m looking forward to both leading a panel to discuss and learning from others who’ve successfully added as a viable new sales channel.

Also, Amazon Advertising has added a ton of new functionality since last year’s Prosper Show and I’m looking forward to hearing what’s working and what’s not working for sellers and ad agencies.


Carina: I am interested to understand more about other channels such as Walmart and how to use different social media channels such as YouTube to fuel the Amazon flywheel.


Carlos: Inventory and forecasting by Chelsea Cohen.


Liz Downing: Supply chain issues (Eddie Levine is going to touch on this – it’s also going to be covered in the panel discussion called “Manufacture in the Americas to Improve Profitability and Avoid Supply Chain Disruptions”) International expansion is also a big topic so I’m looking forward to the conversations around that.


Jeremy: Increasing profitability. As sellers our profits are continuously taking a beating from all sides: supply chain costs are through the roof, Amazon is always increasing fees, and the CPC for PPC continues to rise. Hearing about new sourcing opportunities and new advertising channels can help drive costs down and increase our business’s bottom line.


Christopher: Prosper attendees expect growth as a brand on Amazon to be explored in depth from all angles. Brands need to know how to manage keeping an eye on competition while operating a positive relationship with Amazon itself.

Quality communication with Amazon internal teams makes a huge difference in troubleshooting problems, and saving time and preventing revenue loss. Better to learn this at Prosper, than to wait or miss it, and experience the pain instead.


Peter: FBA limitations were a big challenge in 2021 and with rising fees in 2022, the challenges will continue. One of the most important aspects that sellers and brands need to continue evaluating is their FBA strategies. I’m really looking forward to the panel discussion “Go With an FBA Alternative to Avoid FBA Restock-Limits and Other Hassles.” Hearing from these experts on FBA alternatives will be exciting!


Liz LaVallee: Prosper 2022 is going to be a perfect mix of networking opportunities AND educational opportunities. I’m really excited that there’s such a great mix of single-speaker sessions, panel sessions, think tanks, workshops and even “office hours with the experts”! Prosper 2022 is really set up well to allow a Seller to accomplish a lot in 48 hours, and walk away from Prosper Show with clear actionable takeaways to improve their business in 2022


Q4: Why do you come to Prosper Show and how is it different from other Amazon seller events??

Alon: Prosper Show is build to educate the sellers, not just a selling session in mind and has a very diverse agenda on many topics that are important to many sellers.The location is great – it’s Vegas and the rates are reasonable.

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