Richard Turnbull

Richard Turnbull is the CEO and Founder of The Restored, a sleep, nutrition, and movement brand for a healthy mindset. He is the Director at Clever Yellow, a supplier of innovative back braces. Richard scaled his health brands and successfully navigated the rough waters of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit for a seven-figure exit.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Richard Turnbull talks about focusing and shaping his Amazon brand for success
  • How reviews and multiple brand names can help you stand out against the competition
  • The key to a successful exit: selling when the buyer is ready
  • Richard discusses the process of selling his international brand
  • The importance of researching an asset versus the cruciality of a share deal when exiting your international brand
  • Why simplifying the exit process is more appealing to the buyer
  • Richard details the timeline and terms for his exit
  • A unique way to celebrate the sale of your business

In this episode…

Are you ready to sell your business and start the next chapter? How do you align your international brand with aggregator demands for a greater exit?

Growing and scaling your Amazon brand takes time and dedication — selling your Amazon brand comes down to perfect timing. But, taking the time for due diligence and strategic negotiations can add more funds to your pocket, so you must be willing to put in the work. Richard Turnbull seized the opportunity presented to him, and he is here to share his strategies with you.

In this episode of Amazing Exits, Paul Miller sits down with Richard Turnbull, CEO and Founder of The Restored, to discuss what makes the most significant difference in your financial profit after a sale. Richard shares his experience selling his brand to an aggregator, the importance of due diligence, and some of the most common questions other sellers have asked him.

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