Tyler Jefcoat

Tyler Jefcoat is the Founder and CEO of Seller Accountant, an accounting firm that helps e-commerce sellers maximize their business’s potential by providing bookkeeping services and financial coaching courses. In his role as CEO, Tyler provides financial coaching resources and leads the Sellers Roundtable, an exclusive group of seven- and eight-figure sellers.

Before Seller Accountant, Tyler served as the Founder and Managing Partner of Care to Continue, a successful home health care service.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Kellianne and Tyler recount how they met and started working together
  • Tyler’s experience in accounting, health care management, and e-commerce
  • Tyler’s bumpy exit from his health care company
  • How can accounting firms like Seller Accountant help entrepreneurs stress less about their business?
  • How clean financial records can give you better visibility into your business
  • The importance of clean bookkeeping in reducing anxiety and knowing your company’s value
  • Big accounting mistakes that could kill your business
  • The best practices for creating a profitable and sellable business
  • What exactly is “overhead”?
  • Tyler talks about his financial coaching services

In this episode…

Handling finances in your business can be—and usually is—overwhelming. Many entrepreneurs have no clue how to effectively manage their finances so they can make the most of their business. That’s why Tyler Jefcoat founded Seller Accountant: to help entrepreneurs thrive by providing bookkeeping management and financial coaching services.

In today’s episode of the Amazing Exits podcast, Kellianne Fedio and Paul Miller sit down with Tyler Jefcoat of Seller Accountant to discuss how to get over the hurdle of bookkeeping so you can focus on running your business and turning a profit. You’ll also learn how clean bookkeeping and financial coaching can reduce stress, promote your company’s sellability, and transform your day-to-day business practices. Stay tuned.

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