FBA brand owner Christian Verhoeven sold his company, Big Fudge, in 2021. In our most recent interview, we talked with Christian about his journey as a seller, how he grew his company to bring in his ideal payout, and what he’s doing now. In this interview, he shares his point of view regarding selling a brand and selling on Amazon generally. Here are some critical perspectives that you can learn from as you plan your own Amazing Exit.

You can win a world series hitting singles.

One of Christian’s friends told him these wise words “You can win a world series hitting singles.” Christian has used this advice as he has grown his brand from something that used to make about $300 extra a month into a brand over which several aggregators competed. 

The way Christian has used this advice is by launching product after product. The idea is that you may get a “home run product,” which is always fantastic. However, you can also have several workhorse products for your brand that bring in profit and support continued business growth.

Christian’s initial FBA brand sold record sleeves, which he expanded to selling record cleaning kits, record display items, and more. While he first saw a niche need for vinyl record inner and outer sleeves, adding more products to his brand allowed him to exceed his $300/monthly income goal and allowed him to develop his “home run” product. He would not have gotten there if he hadn’t established his previous products and built trust with his target customer.

Seek out and learn from experts in the field. 

Christian didn’t simply go from a sous chef with Wolfgang Puck to making a living on Amazon. He tried different side gigs first. 

He ended up developing a brand and selling on Amazon because he had another job that was essentially gig work and left him with some “off” time he wanted to utilize. A friend suggested selling on Amazon, and Christian started scrolling past videos on YouTube that looked scammy until he discovered someone he could trust. That was Chris Green’s book Online Arbitrage – Sourcing Secrets for Buying Products Online to Resell for BIG PROFITS. 

As he tried various avenues for online sales, he decided that selling through Amazon FBA would best fit his skillset. So, he reached out to another expert, Andy Slamans, and his Amazing Freedom course.

He also met Kellyanne and Paul through trustworthy associates in a mastermind created by his accountant, Cyndi Thomason. After becoming a client of Cyndi’s, he joined one of her mastermind groups and shared an offer he’d gotten from an aggregator. The group put him in touch with Kellyanne and Paul to discuss the proposal and determine next steps. 

Be clear about what you want at the outset of a sale.

Paul and Kellyanne gave Christian an invaluable piece of advice that he took and still shares with others. That advice is: Be very clear about what you want, your ideal sales number, and what that money is supposed to do for you. Once you have determined that, ensure you get that clearly defined number upfront.

Knowing the number you need in your pocket to justify selling and walking away from your business allows you to reverse engineer your exit. 

If you don’t know how to do something well, outsource it.

When Christian determined what number a company would need to offer him to sell his brand, he connected with Global Wired Advisors on Paul and Kellyanne’s recommendation. Why did he decide to use a broker? Because he knew he was not skilled in one-on-one sales and negotiation. His philosophy is that if you cannot do something well, you should outsource it to someone who does it well. And that’s just what he did.

In outsourcing the sales process to Global Wired Advisors, Christian could get all of his due diligence in order before any bidding occurred. Additionally, Global Wired reached out to trusted aggregators who would do right by Christian’s business and connect him with the perfect buyer. 

At the end of a competitive process, Christian got just about the payout he determined with Paul and Kellyanne, along with a staggered earn-out and stability payment that the aggregator is on track to hit. 

He followed all of the wise words above and got the result he needed to make an amazing exit.

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